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Leaflet delivery is a proven way of increasing your business and placing your message into the hands of future customers.

Customers you do business with live in houses and this is a fact that will not change. Therefore the only other consideration you would need to worry about is the company you chose.

At Leaflet 2 Letterbox we believe that we have taken out most of the risk of non-delivery.

Trackers, together with a comprehensive canvassing sheet, detailing number of doors and a random selection asking for the colour of certain doors, give our Company and the Customer assurance that the job has been done properly.

We have over twenty years experience, delivering leaflets for several small businesses, as well as corporate client, which places us, in a category where we know what we are doing.

All our canvassing staff are paid monthly, as well as signing a separate contract stating, that should they fail to deliver leaflets and mark them as delivered, or place too many in a letterbox, they shall leave the Company immediately and forfeit all moneys owed to them.

Leaflet 2 Letterbox, through their sister company Design 2 Print uk Ltd, print not only leaflets, but also most types of large and small format printing.

We are also involved in vehicle and shop signage, with email campaigns, websites and ecommerce being conducted by Brand 2 Hand Ltd.

Over the years we have morphed into a company that supports business and drives it forward and can truly be called a brand marketing company, whether digitally through the web, or hard copy by the door.

Trusting in a company that has repeat products and does the job properly is a must. We prefer to keep our clients, instead of having to find new ones. As a customer, you become a friend and real friends wont let you down

Fill in our form and we shall get back to you. We can take your order over the phone, or visit you at your place of work.

We deliver high-end magazines all over London and are very high profile on, or around Canary Wharf.

My personal mobile number is on all our vans and as such I can guarantee the best possible service

Ray Savill

Managing Director

Contact Us:

Tel: 0203 203 0023

Mob: 0790 353 9447

email: ray@raysavill.com